Vincent’s early morning

I start a new semester today, so I got up at 4.00am. Actually, Vincent woke me up by jumping onto the bed.

Since Vincent has started being choosy with food, I decided to steam some sardines for him. He has not eaten sardines for quite sometime now.

Of course Ginger, Heidi and Tabs were delighted too and ate. Vincent came downstairs, went out the the patio to do his business and went back upstairs. I know he normally doesn’t eat so early in the morning. But since the sardines were freshly steamed, I brought some up for him.

Placed it in front of him, but he didn’t want any.

So ok, sardines is still not in season yet.

By the way, Vincent migrated out from under the our bed to under the armchair. Now, he has migrated to the family hall in plain sight and is not hiding anymore.

It’s all about “changing nests”.  It’s a very primal cat nature.

So, I fed the Kitchen Cats, then Buddy and Zurik, and lastly, the Cow Clan.

Talking about Buddy and Zurik….

I can’t say enough about how alike Buddy and Timmy are. They both talk all the time and they are always hungry!!  Buddy even snatches Zurik’s food, just like how Timmy used to snatch food from the other cats and I had to put him in a cage to eat. Buddy is so much like Timmy!

If I don’t monitor them eating, Buddy will take over Zurik’s food. And Zurik will let him.

Both eat wetfood now, plus a bit of kibble because Zurik seem to be a kibble-cat. I had to train Zurik to eat wetfood, but Buddy?  Buddy wallops everything and anything!

When I went out to feed Buddy and Zurik, Vincent came downstairs and straight to Stargate2.

Vincent is still SUPER sharp (compared to, say, Ginger). The other day, when the salesperson came to deliver our order, Vincent came downstairs in a flash of lightning to say hello (this salesperson is a good guy – very honest and he loves cats – Vincent knew). Ginger didn’t even know someone had come to the house; he was sleeping soundly in the patio. Tabs stayed too (normally she would run away) – yups, the best testimony of the presence of a cat lover.

So, I know Vincent wanted to go out to be with Buddy and Zurik (and possibly, to escape out of the front gate and sit under a car).  So, no, Vincent. It’s far too early and too dark. I have to go to work early today and I cannot afford to let you out (and deal with whatever else that may result from it).

But actually, Vincent was just hungry, so I got him to come into the kitchen to eat.

But, what shall we eat? Hmm….

I decided to try his long-time favourite (which he didn’t like anymore), Cindy’s Tender Chicken.

BINGO!!! High five, Vincent!!  We got it right!!

Next, my freshly steamed sardines….

BINGO!!!! This is my lucky day, folks!

Next….since he doesn’t like Kaminox (and it’s the iron that he needs most of all), I’ve decided to try raw liver again…. He used to love it, but not anymore.


Vincent wanted more, but I think he has eaten enough. I don’t want him to over-eat and vomit everything out later.

Each day that Vincent eats, enjoys his food, can pee and poo, can sleep comfortably, I am so very thankful. It is a bonus if he gets excited with things (like today, going to Stargate2) and a bigger bonus if he gets mischievous (like attempting to trick me into letting him out)!

Have a happy day, everyone!!

P.S. I’m getting ready to beat young minds into shape before they go out into the world – meeting new students today!  For me, even if they forget all the mathematics but remember to be HONEST, polite and use their heads to think rationally, my job is done.





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