A happy hearty feast for Vincent!

We came back from taiji at about 4.30pm and Vincent came into the kitchen to ask for food.

I offered Monge, but he didn’t want that, so I gave him the steamed chicken we got for lunch and even though it was cold, he went for it. But it was cold, so I quickly took it away to steam and replaced it with raw liver and chicken fillet.

He ate that too.

Very quickly, the steamed chicken was all warmed up and Vincent had a feast!

He ate a big portion of it and it was really nice to see him enjoying the food.

Then I remember how much he always liked to put him whole head into the kibble jar whenever I opened and pour our a new pack of kibble, so I did that with the RC kibble I bought yesterday. He loves the sound of kibble. And Vincent went for the whole container!

Just like old times!

Happy times!

Then I opened a new can of tuna (new brand) and he went for that as well.

Vincent spent about half an hour eating to his heart’s content.

Time to rest, after a hearty dinner!

P.S. The vet checked Vincent’s mouth today and his ulcers have healed though not completely. However, he has two rotten teeth and these must be causing him pain. But there is no way the teeth can be removed because it requires sedation. I hope the pain isn’t that bad and he can still eat as he did this evening.





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