Mr Zurik’s portraits

I stayed with Mr Zurik all night to help him acclimatise to the new environment of being inside the house.

I let him choose a spot where he is comfortable and he chose the sofa.

It’s good that he was able to find a spot very quickly, and he’s not hiding. He still has his confidence, but it’s a far cry from his “fierce and terrorising” days.

But after a few hours, he wanted to go out.

Of course he would. But no, we cannot risk this anymore because Mr Zurik is on medication now. And it’s the raining season too. Zurik is terrified of thunder.

He tried to go out many times.

It did make me wonder, though – Does he have a home? The vet doesn’t think so, but we will never know for sure.

Normally, all we see is that he will go up the neighbour’s roof and “disappears”. There is a spot on the neighbour’s roof which we think is the roof sanctuary. From the roof, any cat can go to the road at the back too.

When Zurik first appeared, we used to follow him and we always saw him entering a distant neighbour’s house compound and “disappearing” after that. We thought he was this neighbour’s cat so we asked the pakcik (who was friendly). The pakcik said he didn’t like cats and found them a nuisance, but he knows Mr Zurik and he thinks Mr Zurik belonged to someone in the back road. Maybe, he said.

Soon, he settled down a bit.

But he still wanted to go out. I know, it would take time to adjust to living inside.

Therapy Tabs came to help.

She’s been very concerned about Mr Zurik and tried to make him feel at home.

Earlier on, there was an intimidation encounter with Ginger. Ginger postured while Mr Zurik was out at the patio between the plants. Male cats – that is to be expected. Ginger has also fought with Mr Zurik a few times while they were living in the patio. Let’s hope the two can live peacefully together now.





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