Zurik’s evening

It was time for Zurik’s third does of RetroMAD1 just now. His treatment dosage is three times a day.

But he was sleeping soundly and I didn’t want to disturb him. So I just sat in the chair next to him to wait for him to get up. He did.

Then came the unpleasant task of having to feed him the meds by syringe. And some AD as it’s better if taken with food. This round, I choose another syringe and I must say I managed to do it much better. I poked the syringe deeper in, almost near his throat and pushed the plunger, making it function like a pill-popper. Zurik did not spit out the liquid, or at least I didn’t think so. Then, I quickly rewarded him with AD. But Zurik has his moods about AD. Sometimes, he likes it, sometimes no. So it’s “no” just now, hence, I force-fed the AD.

I kept apologising to him, ‘Sorry, Zurik. sorry, so, so sorry, but I’m doing this so that you will feel better, sorry, sorry, sorry….” I think maybe he understands or he sympathises with me, so he didn’t fight. He was actually very good about it. But I really felt sorry having to wake him up. I didn’t physically wake him up, but I sat next to him so of course a cat would wake up.

With the done, I went to keep everything in the kitchen and guess what, Zurik came trotting in to ask for food! It’s really nice to see him trotting happily.

This was taken a few minutes after he started eating.

So happy to see him eat and enjoy his food.

Licking his lips!

I’m glad he seems well.





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