The raw deal – a “rabbit” surprise!

This is unprecedented…

Tabs eating Rabbit???

Believe it or not? But yes!

How it happened:

Tabs is a huge fan of Primal. She just loves, loves, loves Primal. Every morning, she would obediently eat her Cubgrub Chicken, but she appreciates a reward of Primal after she finishes. Sometimes, she won’t eat her Cubgrub until I put some Primal sprinkles onto it.

So this morning, she ate her Cubgrub Chicken with some Primal Turkey sprinkles.

After that, I thought I’d just try my luck and placed a half-teaspoon of Cubgrub Rabbit into her bowl. She sniffed at it and decided it wasn’t food.

Then, I placed a small chunk of Primal Turkey on the half-teaspoon of Rabbit.

It was Primal – how could she resist it?

So she sniffed and then….

…instead of eating the Turkey which I was sure she would, she started licking the Cubgrub Rabbit instead!!


Before this she would walk away from Rabbit…totally. She wouldn’t even eat her Cubgrub Chicken if it was “contaminated” with a wee bit of Rabbit.

Yups…she was licking the Rabbit alright. So I just let her and after she finished, I added another half-teaspoon of Rabbit.

Makan jugak!!!

And this went on, with half-teaspoons at a time…

I think in total, Tabs ate 6 half-teaspoons or even more of pure Rabbit (without any Turkey sprinkles), I don’t know, I already stopped counting!


Of course it goes without saying that Heidi is a Cubgrub Rabbit fan. It wasn’t just luck, she really likes it.

It’s also fine because Tabs and Heidi (so far) have no kidney issus. Rabbit has higher phosphates than the rest of the proteins.

Now, the one acting up today was…

….yes, Mr Indy Jones.

He’s been acting up for a few days now, demanding for only Fillet Plus. I think Indy just doesn’t like grinded food. He wants to chew his food. But sometimes, I can get him to eat Cubgrub, if I’m lucky. Most of the time, he likes to have something to chew on.

The whole purpose of getting Rabbit in the first place was because of Indy. It was his chronic loose stool problem – I read that someone tried “everything” for his cat, Julien, and nothing worked until he switched his cat to rabbit for three months and that solved the problem. After that, his cat could eat chicken again, but because of this experience, he now ensures all his cats get a different protein at EVERY single meal.

This was my last hope:

Because like him, I too tried “everything” and Indy was still having loose stools. Not diarrhoea, but just loose/soft stools.

However, after being on Clavamox due to the Ginger-inflicted wound for one week, I did not notice any loose stools anymore now. Also, coincidentally, Indy was willing to eat Cubgrub Rabbit a few times too.

So, what worked? I don’t know!

Indy’s first veterinarian-sanctioned treatment was actually Clavamox. That was back in October. His stools firmed up while being on Clavamox, but the moment he was taken off it, the loose stools came back within 2 days. And surely he cannot be on Clavamox for the long term. It’s an antibiotic.

Anyway, it’s Indy. Indy is “special” (read: weird).

I hope the loose stools have (finally!!) stopped. Will monitor for the next few days.

Meanwhile, he has been very choosy over his food. However, he still obediently drinks his bone broth daily. He still loves it! Bone broth is supposed to be gut-healing. Maybe that worked?  Indy has been on the bone broth ever since I learnt about it from the global raw feeding FB group. Bunny also loves it.

He’s also as active as ever, always trying to sneak out to the patio to play, much to Ginger’s annoyance. That’s how the big fight happened that day where Ginger won and Indy lost….

Not a day’s boredom when one has cats!!






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