A subcut session with Cleo, Bunny and Pole

Bunny and Cleo have subcut twice a week, 200ml each time. Pole has it three times per week at 150ml each time.

Indy has been off subcut since November 2019. He is not dehydrated and he drinks bone broth daily.

Today, we figured out how to do Cleo’s subcut on the same day as the rest.

Do her first!!

Cleo is so perceptive that she knows when the 200ml is up. She just does. The moment it is almost reaching 200ml, she is all prepared to flee. The last time too, she looked at me the moment it hit 200ml, asking to go.

We still need two pairs of hand for Cleo. On full vigilance as she can choose to make a jump for it.

Bunny totally relaxes at subcut and even takes a nap.

Pole has settled down a bit these days, so that’s good.







2 responses to “A subcut session with Cleo, Bunny and Pole”

  1. lee chew keang

    WHAT TYPE OF NEEDLE U USE FOR YOUR SUBCUT, IS IT NEEDLE 23, AND WHAt type of saline for your suncut?

    1. chankahyein

      I use 18G for Bunny and 19G for Pole and Cleo. Lactated Ringers or Hartmanns’ Solution.

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