Pole goes to the vet’s (pawing at mouth)

I decided not to wait until Tuesday when the clinics reopen.

So, we took Pole to the 24-hour vet hospital this afternoon.

Despite being the first day of Chinese New Year and a public holiday, the clinic was packed – a grim reminder that sickness does not choose a time to happen. If it happens, it happens.

So we waited for more than 2 hours for our turn.

The vet checked Pole’s teeth and said there was tartar at the back teeth on both sides, but she could not get the tartar out. She also said that scaling would be required (though not urgently) or the back tooth on the left would become rotten.

For now, Pole was prescribed liquid Clavamox and Oral Aid (liquid). I asked if Pole could be given any anti-inflammatory, but the vet said the papase is a tablet (which is a problem) while the liquid one may not be good for Pole’s kidneys. The vet did say that sometimes diluted apple cider vinegar (1:5 parts in water) may help, provided the cat is willing to drink it.

I also bought two cans of Recovery and one can of AD. I figured Pole has associated both her raw food (Cubgrub and Coco&Joe) to the pain in the mouth and that is why she refuses to eat it. Also, perhaps the wet raw food is sticky.

Perhaps we need a second opinion when the clinics reopen next week, but at least we have something to help Pole tide through the next few days.

Back home:

Pole ate the Recovery like she had not eaten for days, which is partly true, because Pole is a big eater. But because of the pain in the mouth, she has not been eating well.

That was the main reason I decided to take her to the vet’s today – so that she can at least eat during this holiday period.

Hey!! What about us???  We want that food too!

Licking up the tiny bits of remnants.

I fed Pole the Clavamox after her meal (she was angry) and then,the Oral Aid (which she absolutely hated). I think I will spare her the Oral Aid. Let’s see how it goes. I don’t want her put off by the medication.

I also don’t know if we can be as lucky as we were in Sept 2018 when the senior vet managed to remove the tartar with his fingers.

We can only hope….






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