Thank you, Cubgrub, Coco&Joe, Avant Pet and all vets

In this mad Covid19 frenzy, we must not forget to thank Cubgrub, Coco&Joe and Avant Pet for still providing petfood delivery service.

Cubgrub’s Lin Li is still busy sourcing supplies to make her homemade barf for our cats, and personally driving to make deliveries.  Coco&Joe’s says they will continue for as long as they can and is still making deliveries too.

My personal thanks to both as our cats consume Cubgrub and Coco&Joe’s along with Primal (from Avant Pet).

Many petfood shops are also open, but with their own safety protocols.

As for Avant Pet, they are our suppliers in our fundraising efforts. On Day Zero (before the start of the MCO), we received quite a number of orders and Avant Pet rushed these in and made the deliveries for our clients. Thank you!

Most vets whom I managed to contact are still open with some safety protocols (which are totally fair) ie. on appointment basis, clients to wait in the car until it is their turn, only one human will accompany the pet(s), etc.

Thank you to all vets and their support staff for keeping your clinics open for our pets. Stay safe!






One response to “Thank you, Cubgrub, Coco&Joe, Avant Pet and all vets”

  1. Hairol

    I would like to express my utmost deepest gratitude to Avant especially in extending its delivery services in our times of need and urgency our feeders so all the furkids our cares will not go hungry. Thank you Avant and you Dr. Chan in easing our worries and riding this storm together. May you all be blessed and protected.

    A Client

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