Minnie Grey brings Smurfy Grey

After a day of now seeing Minnie Grey, she appeared yesterday!

I gave her the Iskhan kibble, but she looked at it and asked for Coco&Joe’s!

And look!! She brought her kitten this time!

The kitten shall be named Smurfy Grey since I cannot tell his/her gender.

I couldn’t feed Smurfy because Minnie was monopolising all the food.

Patience…Slowly does it….

Yay…!!  Luckily I bought Iskhan where the pellets are very small.

Smurfy was thirsty!

Minnie is no longer afraid of me. Either it is that or she just LOVES Coco&Joe’s!

Smurfy explores inwards…

Ginger: I am lodging an official complaint. This is totally unfair. Why am I under MCO and they aren’t? 

Then, in the evening…

Minnie came again.

This time, Minnie lets Smurfy eat more.

Happiness is made of moments like these…






One response to “Minnie Grey brings Smurfy Grey”

  1. Yen Ling

    Small joys in life indeed. The Greys like your cafe 🙂

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