A ribbon, a box and a lot of fun (Minnie & Smurfy)

A mark of protest, from Minnie.

Of course I totally understand that a free spirit like Minnie would not want to be confined in a cage. But having said that, I must give credit to both Minnie and Smurfy for being incredibly well-behaved. There was no complaints, no mewing last night. They used the litter box, ate their food (the Coco&Joe’s and left the kibble – how very clever!).

In short, they are very well-behaved.

I am still trying to figure out HOW Minnie escaped during Ops Subuh (the original). I’ve taken care of the gap where Smurfy wriggled out, we’ve blocked the Daffodil-Burrow with a large rock now so this leaves only….

….the Stargrille (yes, I just coined it). This is the grille that is fixed at 45 degrees. Cats are now supposed to be able to climb with their backs at an angle of 45 degrees. This Stargrille was Daffodil-proof. But is it Minnie-proof?

So, here’s what I came up with. We took the two pieces of polycarb (which failed to stop Daffodil at Stargate2) and hung them vertically down from the top of Stargrille. This is so that even if Minnie manages to jump up and latch onto Stargrille, she won’t be able to go past the vertical polycarb to get out.

Do you think this will make it Minnie-proof?

Minnie is rather long, definitely longer than Daffodil, so she would have enough length to get out of Stargrille, if she has the athletic ability of Indy, that is.

I didn’t dare try it today. Maybe tomorrow…

Meanwhile, Smurfy loves playing on the ladder.

Smurfy has a new box and a ribbon to play with. He was so happy!

Let me pluck up enough courage to let Minnie and Smurfy out…soon.

I just don’t want her escaping when she has not finished her medication. And we also need to get her spayed.

There’s been no problems pilling Minnie. The Legalon (liver supplement) is a huge capsule (it’s a human supplement), and I could pill her.

Minnie is a very obedient and calm cat. Smurfy is….as all kittens would be…playful and perky.






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