Rocky B’s updates

Do you remember Rocky B?

His owner went back to India and left him behind without an owner. Rocky B was living in the workplace, but there was a biting incident, so the workplace did not allow him to live there anymore. The rescuer, Ruzila, contacted us. We advertised for adoption, and a kind samaritan responded immediately.

The adopter was cautioned that Rocky may be aggressive.

It’s been a few weeks now. Take a look at this video sent by the adopter today!

The adopter says “It takes patience and loving kindness that turn him around to trust me as his daddy”.

You probably recognise this place and the adopter?

Yes, it’s Mun Mun.

Thank you so much for giving Rocky B a second chance, Mun Mun!






One response to “Rocky B’s updates”

  1. Pooi Ling

    hmm… i have a dog that i placed at shelter for about 5 years now. The shelter owner told me that the dog has bite her twice recently.

    I have not figure out on what i should do with this dog yet. He has bitten me before before i placed him at the shelter.

    Would uncle mun be able to help? Hmmm….

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