Pole’s eating updates

Since yesterday, I have been sneaking in tiny amounts of Cubgrub into Pole’s meals. Just very small amounts.

She cannot tolerate Coco&Joe’s and refused to eat Cubgrub, but now….

I’ve been sneaking in small amounts of Cubgrub and also increasing the Primal.

This is an example of a failed meal – Pole just licked up all the mousse and left the Primal. But luckily, it does not happen often. I know the trick – she doesn’t like the Primal rehydrated and she would only eat all if the Primal is broken into almost-powder.

But no worries, because Indy is just waiting for leftovers.

This was a successful meal, with Cubgrub hidden in it.

No leftovers for you, Indy.

Yay! More Cubgrub.

This was also a successful meal, despite being hounded by Cleo.

This was this morning’s breakfast. For some reason, Pole did not want her baby food. I think it’s because I mixed it with some canned food that was “not fresh enough” (the can was opened yesterday).

Pole is eating Cubgrub here.

But after awhile, “Doryness” set in and she remembered she was supposed to reject Cubgrub.

So I added some Cindy’s mousse (her baby food).

Haha….another successful meal of just Cubgrub and Cindy’s mousse.

Pole has so far been able to hold down such meals. She finished her antibiotics yesterday.

But whatever anyone cannot finish….

Team Sapu Habis, comprising Minnie and Smurfy Grey, finishes it all. Never mind if it’s all mixed, they eat up everything except…kibble.

How smart is that?

They just don’t want the kibble anymore now. So I have some kibble to (gladly) give away. It is Iskhan, bought right at the beginning when I first started feeding Minnie. Little did I know, she took to Coco&Joe’s instantly. On hindsight, there was no need to buy the kibble at all, but I wouldn’t have known then. Minnie has all her primal instincts intact. She knows raw food is her food.

Tabs is still accompanying Team Sapu Habis (the Greys) but Tabs is eyeing the kibble, though. But no, Tabs, no kibble, please.




2 responses to “Pole’s eating updates”

  1. Haniz

    Is kibbles no good, Dr Chan?

    1. chankahyein

      There has been a lot of literature on raw food being the biologically appropriate food for cats (and dogs). This is one site: https://feline-nutrition.org/health/species-inappropriate-the-dangers-of-dry-food.

      You can google for many, many more sites and perhaps decide on what’s best for your cats.

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