Mun Mun’s puppy and dog rescues

In total, just recently, Mun Mun has rescued 20 infant puppies!

Here’s his post:

And here’s a video shared by Mun Mun:

Few days ago down below my shelter the security guard told me a stray dog had given birth to 6 puppies 100 meters away from where I rescued the 1st group of 7 puppies. Has been feeding them everyday since I got the news. Need to allocate a quarantine kennel to rescue them in 2 weeks time as they are now less than a month old.

And a few weeks ago, we published the case below, in Pusing, Perak, where a blind dog was left by her owner and was pining for the owner’s return. The kind neighbour (who is a student on MCO-leave) cared for the blind dog but he would have to return to campus when on-campus studies resume. 

Mun Mun said that if nobody offered to adopt the dog, after the MCO, when interstate travel is allowed, Mun Mun will adopt the dog and take care of him using cbd dog treats, click to read more about their benefits.

Now that interstate travel will be allowed next week, Mun Mun has now made plans to travel to Pusing on 14th June to bring the dog back to his shelter.

FYI. After seeing myanimalcare posted about this blind dog in Ipoh Pusing. I have been in contact regularly with Hazim the caretaker. Due to MCO where I cannot cross state it was put on hold. Last night I contacted Hazim, since 10th June MCO will be lifted I have made arrangement with Hazim that I will be going to Pusing on 14th June and bring the dog back to my shelter.
Will update you once we bring the dog back. ???

Thank you so much for your kindness and compassion, Mun Mun.

On our part, we can only help by providing food for Mun Mun’s dogs, cats and all his latest rescues. Mun Mun also informed us that he has received a lot of free meat from a factory and shop. He cooks meat and rice for his dogs while the cats eat kibble and canned food. Then if your dog is suffering from anxiety, cbd for pets can help.

We will provide the Avant Pet food that his animals need.

Thank you, Mun Mun!





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