Eating news

Minnie and Smurfy eat with the Kitchen Cats now.

Well, Indy is neither here nor there – he is sometimes with the Kitchen Cats and sometimes with the Cows. It all depends on what he wants to eat, I suppose. Indy is a strange fellow…

Minnie and Smurfy has another round in front of the condo. They are more comfortable eating by themselves.

Over at Bunny’s Place, Pole is always hounded by Cleo.

You see, Pole doesn’t really like her renal diet, but EVERYONE else love it and will gladly lick up any remnants. Pole also does not like her Pronefra but Heidi loves it to bits. Every time, Heidi will ask to lick the syringe.

Since it’s been so hard to rub the Pronefra onto Pole’s teeth, I’ve been using the syringe, but it’s too traumatic for Pole. She is in shock and a daze every time after I syringe in the Pronefra, so I think I will alternate between the syringe and rubbing it onto her teeth.  Anyway, her phosphates is on the lower end of normal now, so she doesn’t need so much of the Pronefra. Even before this, she was only on half dosage. Pronefra has been VERY effective in lowering the phosphates in Pole.

Pole LOVES, LOVES, LOVES Cubgrub’s dehydrated chicken treats (it’s raw dehydrated chicken breast meat). I ordered 5 packs for her and Lin Li so very kindly brought it over for Pole today.

A feast for our dear girl!! But Cleo is hounding Pole again, as usual. But yes, everyone loves Cubgrub’s chicken treats.

Pole gets, everyone gets.

Indy: I don’t like you, Orange Fluff! 

Ginger: Suit yourself, you neither-black-nor-white cranky fellow….but hey, I’m HIGHER than you…hahaha….





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