Birdy has new feathers!

Lots of new to share about Birdy today, from Reymont.

Birdy has changed to her new feathers now.  Based on her size (measured) and after consulting a bird expert, Birdy is small for her age. So, most likely, she was a rejected child, ie. her parents could have thrown her out as she was the smallest and least likely to be able to survive. Luckily they did not peck her to death as is their instinct (survival in Nature).

Birdy has learnt to fly now! But she is not very good at landing, so practice and training is still needed.

More importantly now, according to Reymont, is to train Birdy to look for food. So, Reymont is going around parks to catch insects and worms (he knows which types to look for) and also to the jungle to look for the correct softwood so that he can bring back the branches, bore holes into it and hide the insects and worms in them to train Birdy to hunt for food.

When Birdy is independent, which can take up to a month, especially when she is small for her age, and this means, when she is able to fly and land properly and hunt for food, only then can she be released and the best place is probably the jungle where there is an abundance of food.

Our neighbourhood is not suitable because it is a human-populated area and there is scarcity of food source. Also, whenever there is any fogging activity, all the insects and worms would be wiped out completely and birds have to migrate out. Migration is also a learned skill for birds.

There is SO much that I don’t know about birds! Birdy is indeed so fortunate to have Reymont prepare her for her life in Nature.

Birdy in the big cage today where she can hop around and peck wood.






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