Rescued kitten for adoption (Julia Chong’s) – adopter waiting!

Latest updates: Tigger is recovering well at the hospital and the best news ever is that a kind reader from Klang has offered to adopt Tigger!!

The original post:

Our long-time donor, Julia Chong, found this month-old kitten in the middle of the road yesterday. She will take him to the vet for the check-up on Wednesday but she is eagerly looking for a kind adopter to take him in as her hands are already full with rescued cats and a dog.

If you are interested to adopt this little kitten, please contact Julia at 012-2093767.

Thank you.

An update: Tigger (the kitten) is currently warded at the hospital as he ran a fever last night. So, the adoption is put on hold for now until further updates. According to a neighbour, Tigger had been spotted two days ago under the heavy rain.





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