The one-eyed Persian cat is reunited with his owner!

Last week, Mr Goh shared that a one-eyed Persian cat wandered to his house compound and Mr Goh had been feeding him. Thanks to social media and sharing, the cat actually has a home and has been missing for 3 weeks now after his operation done by  a veterinarian specialist. His owner published his photos and this was shared widely.

It was totally fortunate that Mr Goh came across the post and photo!

And the owner also published the cat’s name. So, Mr Goh quickly went out to his compound to check. The cat was there (because Mr Goh has been leaving catfood for him). So, he called the cat’s name and voila – the cat responded and stayed!

Mr Goh called the owner immediately and now, cat and owner have been reunited – after THREE long weeks!

The cat actually lives several km away from Mr Goh’s house. It’s a totally amazing reunion!! He wandered so far!

Thank you, Mr Goh!

Safe and sound in his home and eating a chicken treat!
(Photo courtesy of the owner)






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