Indy’s “obedience-collar”

Indy gets into mischief all the time, so we decided to try using the “obedience-collar” on him yesterday.

This is the spongy and cushiony e-collar I bought online. It’s really so much more comfortable than the plastic e-collar and so far, Indy was not able to get out of it! *Clap, clap, clap!*

It’s also very easy to slide the collar in and out of the cat. There’s no need for any drawstrings around the arms. It’s a good device. It’s light and comfortable too. Pretty much like those neck pillows that humans use to cushion their necks while travelling.

Just a few minutes of “being collared” whenever he is naughty, if only to break his naughty streak.

After a week of setting up this new condo, Bunny finally feels ready to get into the downstairs and into his basket. Bunny is blind and this condo has a step up, so Bunny had to get used to that. The old one’s was already eroded so that step was all gone. I did guide Bunny to step into the downstairs many times, but he still has to feel confident enough to do it himself. That needed time.

He’s confident now.

The bully is up there in the penthouse.

Cleo and Cow Mau are happy on the big bed, so all is good. There is no fighting among the four of them.





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