Getting Bunny to drink more water

Bunny drinking chicken broth.

I started yesterday to explore ways to make Bunny drink more water.

So far, what works is to flavour the water.

Bunny likes virgin coconut oil, so I tried dropping some oil into water and he licked it all up! Virgin coconut oil is also a traditional remedy for constipation so I hope that helps as well. But the maximum amount of VCO to feed a cat daily is only 1/2 teaspoon so I cannot do it too many times in a day.

I need other “flavours” and I discovered that what works better for Bunny is to add some canned tuna into the water. He loves this. The downside is that tuna has natural salt and salt isn’t good for Bunny, both for his constipation as well as his kidney issues. I put only very little tuna into the water but if there is not enough tuna, he won’t drink it, so that’s tricky. I do understand that the water dilutes the taste of the tuna and it is very sporting of Bunny to still drink it, but I should still explore other salt-free ways.

I’ve checked and both Monge and Cindy’s canned tuna do not have added salt. However I tasted it myself and they seem salty. I’ve been reading up on tuna and learnt that since it comes from the sea, it has natural salt from the sea water even if the manufacturer claims that no salt is added to the canned food. However I do put a lot of water to dilute the taste.

I use chicken broth too, but Bunny prefers the tuna-flavoured water. The chicken broth definitely has no added salt as I brew it myself. It also takes a lot of patience to feed him the chicken broth as he doesn’t drink it all up in one sitting. But it’s good that he drinks it.

I’ll continue to find other ways. Bunny does not drink from the water fountain. I’ve tried that before. If you know of other ways, please do share. I’d appreciate it so much – thank you!








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