Ryan gives presents to the cats

Whenever Ryan visits, he will always give a “present” to the cats, in particular, to Cow Mau. The presents can range from tv remote controls, fan remote controls, compasses to his toy cars (anything that Ryan likes, which to me, is really praiseworthy, because that’s the spirit of giving – give something you like). Bravo, Ryan – you certainly got that right!!

Today, Ryan decided to give one of his latest toy cars…to Cow Mau – a red car. He always gives Cow Mau first. It’s either because Cow Mau “feels” like the boss in the room or Ryan just wants to make friends with him more. Indy is very friendly to Ryan, so Ryan doesn’t see a need to give Indy anything. Cow Mau “tak berapa layan” Ryan, so Ryan wants to “ambil hati” Cow Mau – maybe.

But Cow Mau did not want the toy car, so Ryan decided to give it to Bunny instead!

And a little victory dance after that!

Tabs, keeping watch on Jayden.





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