What are the cats eating these days?

Our cats were successfully converted to a 100% raw diet in September 2019. Before that, they were on a “rojak” diet of raw food, canned and kibble. So when I started the conversion in August 2019, raw food wasn’t exactly new to them as they had been on it for years, just not at a 100%. The most difficult to convert was Heidi. She refused it flatly, and it took one month to convert her. The rest were relatively “easy”.

But now, the cats are all getting old and lately, they haven’t had very good appetite, or rather, I think they want more tasty food and needed toppings before they were willing to eat their raw food. Then, there’s Bunny with his constipation problem and I need to add more “junk” to add bulk to this stools. It actually started with Bunny… And Cow Mau was having problems with his staple Coco&Joe’s because it’s dense and sticky and it often got stuck in his infected teeth and gums. Cow’s had his dental done two days ago.

So what do they eat now? Here’s the report.

Of all our six cats, only Tabs is willing to eat her healthy raw diet without the need of any toppings. Her staple is Cubgrub’s CKD chicken (even though Tabs has no kidney problems, but I buy the CKD because Bunny and Cleo were on it previously) and she also gets Coco&Joe’s.

As I’ve said, a healthy raw diet to a cat is like a healthy vegetable salad to a human (who has tasted “other” food before)!

Ginger started this boycott of pure raw food more than a year ago. It’s been too stressful getting him a eat at every single meal, so I’ve surrendered to his demands. He gets toppings now. All you need to do is to put a few pellets of kibble to top the food, and that gets him to eat without any problems at all. What’s with these toppings? Is it because he cannot smell the raw food? I don’t know!

Bunny was previously on Cubgrub’s CKD chicken, but has since switched to Coco’s with lots of “toppings” (canned food). Sometimes he gets pure canned food. Bunny used to be the easiest to feed but lately, he has been quite fussy too. Well, change happens, nothing is permanent.

Cow was having so much trouble eating before his dental, but now, two days after his dental (in fact, just one day after), he’s back on his staple Coco&Joe’s with canned food as toppings.

Cleo should go back to Cubgrub because of her kidney condition but she prefers Coco&Joe’s. So that’s her staple for now. She’s also fussy, but it’s more of an attitude problem with her. She doesn’t want to eat with everyone else. So when food is served, she will look at me, look at the food, then run off to the garden to pee or poo or whatever. She only comes back mid-meal and asks for a bowl. Hmm…what’s with this routine? I don’t know! But I just go with it, as long as she eats.

Indy…now, he’s a huge problem. Half the time, I have to force feed him because he just won’t eat by himself. Again, what’s with this attitude, Indy? Attention seeking? But look at his size and weight – he’s big despite his reluctance to eat. I wish I could just leave him alone to forgo a meal whenever he refuses to eat, but no, that would be asking for trouble. He will make such a racket until it drives you completely crazy, so it’s better to just force feed him. And it only takes less than a minute to do it. He eats most willingly when force fed. Indy eats Coco’s, but he needs toppings too.

Indy also has the regurgitation problem that happens about 2-3 times a month. So his breakfast amount has to be controlled (not too much). If he willingly eats heartily during any breakfast, that is a sure sign that he will regurgitate the food after that…without fail. And after the regurgitation, he will be hungry and will demand for Cindy’s baby food, which he gets.

This morning, everyone ate by themselves, together. It’s rare.

Then, after breakfast, Bunny has to be carried to his special spot for his urination and defecation. Today wasn’t a success entirely, though. His problem is his refusal to squat for a wee bit longer. He just does a courtesy squat and runs off. For two days now, the stool was stuck in his anus and I had to pull it out. Today, a small piece dropped off as he was running away. Bunny is still on Cisapride and Lactulose.

And of course there’s the flavoured water session for Bunny. Bunny is now accompanied by Cow and Indy for these sessions. Who doesn’t love Cindy’s baby food, right? The flavoured water sessions happen after Bunny and Cleo get their supplements. Cleo has to be force fed now, with her Renal-N and Amlodipine, mixed with Cindy’s baby food. She won’t eat it by herself anymore. Catching her is a bit of a problem too, as she will run and hide.

So that’s what happens every morning and that’s why I get up earlier nowadays so that everything gets done before Jayden gets here! And I even have time to go for a walk, cycle and do some taiji.







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