The thrice-weekly subcut sessions

Here’s today’s subcut session for Bunny and Cleo.

As always, I can do Bunny’s singlehandedly, and even change the bottle midway and take videos!

But when it comes to the Queen…..

Susah sedikit…

But nowadays, it’s possible already, which is a huge achievement!

I used to use the pink (18g) needle last time, but now I use the yellow (19g) as it’s just a teeny weeny bit smaller but does make a difference in that Cleo used to bite the injection site with the pink needle until the skin is all sore (probably itchy or painful), but she is okay with the yellow one.

Both of them have kidney issues.  Bunny is on 200ml three times a week and nothing else. But I guess the extra water for his constipation also helps in his kidneys. Cleo is also on 200ml three times a week and on Renal-N daily.  This regimen has helped bring down her creatinine level in the last check-up. I believe the raw diet also helps.

Kidney issues probably run in Cow Mau’s family genes since Pole, Bunny and Cleo have it. Pole’s was exacerbated by her high blood and hyperthyroidism (was on medication for both). Cleo is also on Amlodipine now as her blood pressure was borderline high.







3 responses to “The thrice-weekly subcut sessions”

  1. Sue-Ann

    Hi. My name’s Sue and I have been reading your website for many years now ever since I have 2 cats. You’re truly an inspiration.

    One of my girl just got diagnosed with CKD, apparently late stage last sunday. She is currently on Subcut treatment for a week because the vet can’t get her to sit still for the IV. I’m wondering is that all that is needed? That is what the vet told me. I don’t want to doubt the vet but i have read too much online. As someone with 3 cats that have kidney issues, I’m hoping you can share some experience on how to manage this. My Meffy is 11 and just suddenly vomitted and stopped eating last week. I’m so worried I’m going to lose her.

    1. chankahyein

      I will reply in detail by email, Sue. But the general rule would be to follow your vet’s advice as the vet knows best and every cat’s needs are different. I’ve had two CKD cats before this and their needs were totally different too. More in my reply to you by email.

  2. Sue

    Thanks Kahyein. Really appreciate it.

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