The verdict on the all-new Monge Monoprotein

Ecopet has brought in their range of Monge Monoprotein which is a complete diet for cats. It comes in four flavours (100% Chicken, 100% Turkey, 100% Rabbit, 100% Beef).

I bought the 100% Rabbit for our cats today and here’s the verdict.

Why I chose rabbit? I know, it’s sad. But rabbit IS one of the most biologically appropriate food for cats.

The verdict – Everyone LOVES it…totally!!

Since everyone is so incredibly fussy, this is one of the first time in the longest time that nobody complained about the food, I don’t have to serve different foods to each cat, and I didn’t have to coax, persuade and beg them to eat.

They devoured it and asked for more.

So yes, I give it a 100%….for today!

Firstly, it’s one of the most biologically appropriate proteins for them (rabbit). Secondly, it’s a complete diet (not complementary). Thirdly, the protein is 12.1% so it’s okay for kidney patients. Fourthly, it’s wet food, not kibble. So, it’s really suitable for our cats. It’s not so easy to find canned food that is a complete diet. Many are complementary (meant as snacks).

The only thing is that it isn’t raw. But cooked food isn’t exactly all that bad, especially for older cats like ours because cooking breaks down the proteins, making it more easily digestible. Indy still needs cooked food in the morning or he will regurgitate (raw food). At other times of the day, he is okay with raw food.






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