The solution to Robin’s chronic diarrhoea

Okay, so what worked for Indy did not work for Robin. And that is not surprising. Every cat is different. Every illness is different.

Switching Robin’s diet to rabbit did not work. It did, for Indy, because Indy’s was a case of allergy which developed after having eating chicken for too long.

Robin’s diarrhoea – now, I don’t know what is the cause because he only came back 9 days ago and I took him to the vet immediately for a check-up. The vet found anaerobic bacteria in his stools. The diarrhoea is chronic, which means he had already had it for some time. His malnourishment and being so thin is also probably related to the diarrhoea – maybe.

Anyway, I needed to find solutions.

The Metronidazole wasn’t working. Or rather, perhaps it was, given time, but the liquid stools simply and stubbornly persisted. It wasn’t that bad and he was still active, happy and had a crazy appetite, but the liquid stools persisted.

Well, my raw-feeding friend again advised me, “If no fever and still eating, just leave him alone, he is detoxing.”  That’s the same advice he gave me for Indy last year. I didn’t listen and spent a bomb on vet fees. And he was right.

But this time, with Robin, I am very, very concerned about his malnourishment and I wish I could let him eat as much as he wants. If the diarrhoea persists, I have to control his food intake. So, I had to find a solution.

And I think I have.

It’s promising and looking good.

Robin’s stools are starting to firm up today.

This is the magic formula and of course, I also added steamed pumpkin  (thank you, Agnes!) to Robin’s food three times a day.

I wanted to try another brand (it’s more reputable) but my pharmacist advised that I had better stick to this one since it is showing results.

I still isolate Robin to eat by himself in one room to ensure that he finishes his food and doesn’t steal another’s food.

Everyone is back to 100% raw now, including Robin. I give them Coco&Joe’s, Cubgrub and I add chicken gizzards and chicken breast meat. They can eat SO much, exactly as they used to when they were young. In the 1.5 years that they were away and now that they are back, two things have not changed – their appetite and Robin’s super manja face!!

Minnie, Smurfy, Rey and Lynx eat in the other room.

Once the meal is finished on both sides, I open both the bathroom doors and Robin rushes over to look for scraps. Oh boy!








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  1. Agnes

    Remember slippery elm powder? Worth trying?

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