Fundraising: Supporting shelter animals – Food Aid to Cherishlife Home in Negeri Sembilan

Our next Food Aid goes to Cherishlife Home in Mukim Kenaboi in Negeri Sembilan (formerly in Hulu Langat).

Cherishlife Home was founded and is run by Aunty Winnie Lau Choy Sze, and it needs no introduction as the shelter has been around for time immemorial and Aunty Winnie is a highly respected dog caregiver known for her very meticulous and compassionate care for dogs.

The shelter currently has 200 dogs and 18 cats. Some were rescued by Aunty Winnie while the rest were surrendered by people.

Cherishlife Home is located inside the jungle and their water source is from the waterfall and their electricity from solar power. Wifi connection is rather weak so communication with the “outside world” is rather difficult.

In our conversation with Aunty Winnie, she explained that the price of chicken has really gone up so high that it is difficult even if she were to cook chicken and rice for the dogs. And the price of commercial petfood has also gone up recently. Very significantly too.

Aunty Winnie has requested for dog canned food and dog kibble. If you would like to contribute to this batch, kindly bank in your donation and send the details to me at (ref: Food Aid Cherishlife Home)

If your contribution is received after we have paid for this batch, it will automatically be used for the next Food Aid to the next shelter. 

Kindly help us share this post.

Thank you very much for your kindness.

Some photos and a video of Cherishlife Home shared by Aunty Winnie:

It really is a heaven-on-earth for the dogs and cats! Fresh air, green hills, clean water, peaceful surroundings.






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