Smurfy eats with the rest!!

That didn’t take too long, did it?

The one on the left is for the four of them and on the right, is Robin’s (with steamed pumpkin). Today’s breakfast consists of Coco&Joe’s (I don’t know which flavour because I mix up the cups in a random order), Cubgrub’s pure Rabbit, chicken fillet meat and chicken gizzards. There’s Robin’s S. Boulardii in two small capsules, a syringe for Vetri DMG (to lace the food in each bowl) and Orozyme.

Yesterday, the four were already eating a little less than the initial stage, so I’m slowing reducing the amount, but I was wrong! This morning, everyone was HUNGRY!

It’s a miracle!! Smurfy is eating with the rest…all on his own initiative!!

But halfway through, I took the syringe to squirt Vetri DMG into their respective bowls, and the mere action of taking the syringe frightened Smurfy that he ran off. Sigh…

He came here and I followed with his bowl. He continued eating.

This syringe frightened him. Or rather, the taking of the syringe. I already did it slowly and gently.

But he was too scared on the floor, so I tried the top of the cabinets and that worked.

He finished it and we didn’t have to go to the back of the tv this time. Now, that is already an improvement! Hooray!

Then Smurfy decided to hide behind the curtains.

Our little Robin, the most timid in his previous home, malnourished because he was too scared to compete for food, is now the most ultra-confident here. This is his basket and it’s on low ground. Who needs to hide on higher ground, I’m so confident, says Robin.

Robin’s instant transformation is….nothing short of amazing.

Rey had some eye inflammation yesterday evening. I had already applied Nicol EyeDrops on it. Surprisingly, Rey allowed me to apply the eyedrops without so much as a struggle. He just doesn’t allow me to open his mouth for Orozyme. Or maybe he hates the taste of Orozyme. Or, he has a golden mouth like Her Royal Highness Queen Cleo. Rey also doesn’t like to have his ears cleaned. But he doesn’t mind eyedrops – isn’t that strange!!

Lynx always steals the limelight when photos are being taken.





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