The verdict on Coco&Joe’s brand-new Premium Combo

Coco&Joe’s has this brand new recipe, called Premium Combo. It’s meant for thin and weak cats.

I ordered 4 packs (1kg) for Robin! So excited to try it on him. But granted, he is already putting on weight consuming Coco&Joe’s (the older flavours).

It contains chicken, duck and beef as its proteins and it has peptides which is meant to aid digestion. Peptides, in layman’s terms, is a broken-down protein, hence it is easier to digest.

The percentage of protein is 17%, so that should be okay for kidney cats too. Not as a staple, of course, since it contains bone.

The first to try it was Tabs. Ginger had escaped (yes, again) – he slipped through husband’s legs, as usual. Husband gave chase, and Ginger landed up on the neighbour’s roof (formerly Mr Zurik’s lair) and once he ends up there, it’s going to be a long afternoon nap, I know. If he comes back, it would be after sunset. I went out to buy a collar with TWO bells on it.

Tabs gave it an “A”. She liked it….for today.

I’m most surprised that Bunny liked it. He ate a lot. Bunny used to be on Cubgrub and Coco’s for the longest time, but weeks ago, he decided he has had enough of balanced raw food. I don’t know why. All he wanted was raw chicken breast meat or raw chicken fillet (still raw, but definitely not balanced). He also wanted canned food and of course, kibble. I had to give him what he wanted because there was no way to force Bunny to eat. He cannot be force fed. Bunny was also losing quite a bit of weight, so all the more, I had to let him eat whatever he wanted.

I’m also surprised that anorexic Queen Cleo liked it as well. She also ate many helpings. Our queen is normally very, very choosy. It is almost like anything new is suspected to be poison first. Let the others eat, if they survive, then I might give it a try. Or, I might not. Why’s eating so important anyway? 

But Cow, as expected, did not eat it. He sniffed at it and flatly refused. I know, Cow doesn’t like duck.

I had to give Cow back his “old” Coco&Joe’s. This, he ate, as always. Ok, that’s good too.

It’s a total boycott from Indy. Mogok lapar? Yes. Hunger strike.

Now, Minnie and the boys. I was so sure they would devour it like they had been doing with practically any food that I served them since they came back.


Robin was “okay” with it. Just “okay”. Hey, it’s meant for you, Robin, and you are just “okay” with it?

Minnie, Rey and Lynx ate. Among the three, Rey loved it the most. Well, Rey loves ANY food the most, anyway. Minnie liked it too. Lynx was so-so. Smurfy decided he wanted to be scared again.

So he had to eat behind the tv.

The only cat he is not threatened by is his mum, Minnie.

He perceives all his younger brothers as a potential threat to him. Sigh…

Robin did NOT finish his dinner, so Lynx went for it. WHAT??? Robin did not finish his food???

Nooo……….!!!  Has the world turned upside down???

Lynx also wasn’t too interested, so Rey finally finished it all.

Just how much can you eat, Rey?

Ginger finally came back after sunset, just as I had predicted. Ginger boycotted the food totally. Sigh…

So, for today, our cats, on the average, it’s an “ok” for Premium Combo, but let’s wait for tomorrow. Maybe they need to acquire a taste for it, or maybe it’s the duck? Or the beef? It’s just new for them.

Coming up next: Ginger wears two bells.







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