Rey’s urination issue

Yesterday, I took Rey to the vet’s because of his unusually large urine output. The ultrasound showed an inflamed bladder and also some structure loss in both his kidneys. Rey could have been born like this, or he may have not drunk enough water at his former home.

But in any case, we have to move forward now and see what we can do. It’s actually not such a serious issue as Rey’s kidneys are still working well, despite the noticeable structure loss.

I started Rey on his urinary medication last night and this morning, up to now, I have not scooped up any big balls of urine.

But this morning, I saw two patches of vomit on the bed and floor respectively. I don’t know who vomited, though.

As of a few days ago, all of them do not eat as much as they did when they first returned. Maybe that hunger is now satisfied! And it’s as though Lynx knows he has to lose weight; he voluntarily eats less now. Rey also has to lose weight. Robin can gain another 200g and that would be ideal. Minnie and Smurfy should just maintain their respective weights.







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