Ginger and Minnie-5…and Cleo

Yesterday’s breakfast! Robin demands to eat on the table because he must eat first!

All five of them are in this photo – spot the fifth!

Uncle Ginger being a bad example to the boys – teaching them how to break in by pushing the fiberglass netting and squeezing through.

Morning exercise!!

Stargate is the connecting gate from Ginger’s Catio to Bunny’s Place and we open it every morning (or anytime that we are free) to let the boys go over to play. Everything had been fine. Our initial worry was Indy – in case he would attack the boys, but so far, that hasn’t happened at all. Then we worried that Bunny might bump into them – that hasn’t happened yet.

But something happened yesterday, though. It was the least expected event.


Yes, Cleo yelled and Lynx and Robin fled for their lives back to Ginger’s Catio while Rey remained quietly perched on the window sill. The yell was a very loud earsplitting high-pitched shriek. But nothing happened…haha.  No one was hurt.





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