We caught Furby last night

We caught Furby last night.

He was mewing nonstop under our car all night. I offered food but he did not finish it all, and continued mewing. Poor little thing. He must be lost.

Then, he kept going towards Samantha, but Samantha would smack him.

Later, he went to Stargate2 and Minnie was there. Minnie seemed fond of him and the two rubbed onto each other against the gate. So husband saw it and took the opportunity to catch Furby. Furby was feisty and put up a fight.

So Furby was in Ginger’s sick bay last night. I sent a message with photos to the neighbourhood chat to see if anyone had lost Furby, but there was no response at all. So it looks like Furby is a lost kitten.

I estimate Furby to be about 6 weeks old. At this tender young age, he isn’t street-smart yet. So leaving him on the street would endanger his life. He first appeared outside our gate yesterday morning, mewing. I offered food and he came into the porch, but Samantha did not welcome him at all. Gerald was okay. Gerald just wants to be fed, that’s all. Once you feed him, he’s totally fine with anything. After awhile, Furby went away, but he wasn’t far away. He was under our driveway inside the drain, still mewing softly. And the mewing continued all day until evening, when he mewed more loudly. I offered food again and got him to come into the porch, but Samantha shooed him away again. Poor little thing.

Anyway, he is safe in Ginger’s sick bay now. He was mewing for hours last night. But rather than mewing under our car and running the risk of Samantha chasing him away onto the street, at least he is safer mewing in Ginger’s sick bay where it is warm. The Monsters were all very, very curious, but they weren’t hostile towards him. I covered the whole cage with towels but Furby was still mewing. He ate the food that was offered but kept toppling the water bowl.

I’m going to take him to the vet’s this morning once I get an appointment.

Not easy to take his photos, though. He’s moving nonstop and I did not want to disturb him so that he could settle down.

I’ll get Furby dewormed, vaccinated and whatever the vet thinks is necessary. Furby is up for adoption. If anyone is interested to give him a home, please contact me at chankahyein@gmail.com. Thank you.



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