Tabs eat in the kitchen and Riley eat upstairs in her room. I did not take photos.

Over at Bunny’s Place…

Breakfast consists of steamed tilapia for Bunny, Coco&Joe’s for Cow Mau and Cleo and Cindy’s pureed food for Indy. Later, Cleo had steamed tilapia too. She’s kiasu. 

Rey has never stolen or snatched food at Bunny’s Place. Here he is, sitting in the room, waiting for his turn outside at the catio with his family and Uncle Ginger. I really have to give Rey a full 10 points for “not stealing food”. Many humans I know have less restraint than Rey.

And after everyone has finished eating, Bunny is still eating. He just loves the steamed tilapia.

The Monsters and Uncle Ginger’s turn. Here, it is 100% Coco&Joe’s.

Samantha, Creamy and Gerald eat Cindy’s, Back2Nature and Monge canned food and Cindy’s kibble.

It does take up to an hour to feed everyone, especially when Bunny needs time to eat and take his supplements. The easiest to feed is Riley because I only need to leave the bowls of Coco&Joe’s in her room. Tabs is choosy. She eats raw but she wants toppings on it.






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