Samantha protests

I think Samantha is staging protests on being confined upstairs.

We had to give her her own room instead of opening up the bathroom doors to two bedrooms. The reason is also partly because Riley has her own SOPs and she simply HAS to eat in her room and use her litter box.

So now, Samantha has her own room and she isn’t exactly too happy about it.

It is still a very big bedroom, actually.

She protested by scaling the grille in this single window. The only way to free her was to open the grille, which I did. Then she went up to the wooden curtain rail and stayed there, refusing to come down. So I placed a chair on the cabinet top to reduce the height that she has to jump down. She refused to come down so we had to give her time.

Meanwhile, Creamy has been staying in the porch and just to assure him that Samantha is alright, I brought him into the house and up to Samantha’s room. Gerald knows Samantha is here, so that’s settled. But Creamy doesn’t know (or so we think). Cats communicate by telepathy and smell so how can he not know, right?

But I just wanted to make things right, so I brought Creamy up to visit Samantha.

Creamy’s expression was one of “huh?”

He is not so skinny, right? Filled up nicely.

Anyway, now I’ve shown Creamy that Samantha is safe, so I’ve done my part in informing both Sam’s friends that Sam will be indoors for awhile.





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