Totally adorable and clever Little Riley

As you know, Riley has been creating games to play with Jayden.

Currently, they are playing fetch-the-ball.

Riley has been absolutely amazing in this game. Jayden throws the ball and Riley watches closely. If the ball lands on somewhere safe and easy for Jayden to pick up, Riley lets him pick it up himself. But if the ball lands on somewhere difficult, Riley goes after it and retrieves the ball for Jayden.

It amazes us how perceptive and almost uncannily accurate that Riley can predict where the ball will land. And it is a bouncy ball too.

If Riley thinks Jayden might fall, she quickly stands in front of Jayden to protect him.

While Riley herself loves playing with the ball, when Jayden plays with it, she takes on a helping role.

It is only when Jayden is asleep that Riley gets her turn and she plays!

Tell me….how clever and considerate is this little 7-month old kitten, right?

Such a little darling!

Two little darlings!!





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