Kinta Dog will be discharged soon (donation of RM715 disbursed)

Finally, we have good news on Kinta Dog!

She has recovered and will be discharged soon, brought back to Persatuan Pencinta Haiwan Kinta’s shelter and looked after there until she is fit enough to be returned to the colony where there is a feeder.

The total bill came up to RM1,315.00.

On 27th November 2022, we gave an immediate donation of RM600 upon her rescue:

And we have now banked in another RM715 from our Medical Aid to cover the entire cost of her treatment which is related to her neutering.

Kinta Dog was thought to have TVT but it was actually a prolapsed uterus. Surgery was done in November 2022 and the vet advised to let the growth subside on its own while being hospitalised.

Mr Lu, the person who led the rescue, updated us just now that she will be taken back to the shelter for a month, still on medication and when fit enough, will be returned to her colony.

Here are some photos:

Thank you very much to all friends who helped with making the rescue and treatment possible. Thank you very much to Persatuan Pencinta Haiwan Kinta for stepping up to do all the work too.






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