Close-ups of the kittens

I think my weighing at 6.30am was all wrong (all readings too high – gave me false hopes too!). Either the kittens were moving, hence the reading was fluctuating or something strange happened. This is because all day I did weigh them each time I fed them and the weights have been less.

Or maybe I haven’t had enough sleep, so I read everything wrongly!

My eyesight also isn’t too good these days. It’s far-sightedness, or what the Chinese called “old flower” (lou far). And because I have never worn spectacles all my life, I simply cannot get used to wearing spectacles. So I use a magnifying glass instead. I know, it’s so troublesome, but I am simply not comfortable having anything on my face!

Anyway, I will weigh them again this evening and update the chart. The weights are actually very important because I use them to gauge how much or how often I should feed them. Along with this, would be their willingness to drink when syringe-fed too.

Indra, for example, takes 1-2 syringes before he warms up to the syringe.

It’s not easy to decide how much to give when the mother is also providing milk (yes, but how much?).

Anyway, it is all about playing it by ear.

Here are some close-ups I managed to take this afternoon.




And Samantha, of course!









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