Samantha’s “move”

Samantha tried to move her kittens last night.

I went into the room and found the kittens scattered in three different locations on the tiled floor.

Sigh…I guess she was in the midst of moving them to a new location within the bedroom. It’s an instinctual habit, so I left her alone.

After half an hour, I went back up to check and noticed that she had taken Kai back to the same place (under the ottoman) but had left Akira and Indra where she had placed them, separated, on the tiled floor.

So I decided to help and I put Akira and Indra back together with Kai and Sam.

Maybe Sam just decided there’s nowhere safer to move them to and was in the midst of moving them back, but “forgot” she had three kittens, so she only moved Kai back?

Something similar actually happened with Pole too. Her firstborn was Wolf. Wolf was born beside the piano. Then Pole went upstairs to Ming-Yi’s wardrobe and thereafter gave birth to Cleo and Pans inside the wardrobe. She had forgotten about Wolf. So I carried Wolf up to her and put him together with Cleo and Pans in the wardrobe. The next day, Pole suddenly remembered she had left a kitten by the piano, so she rushed went downstairs and frantically searched for Wolf. She did not know Wolf was already right there with Cleo and Pans. Maybe the entire process of giving birth was just too much for her. But Pole had this, what we called “Dory moments” all her life. That’s referring to Nemo’s friend, Dory, in the Disney animated film, who had a memory problem.

So, anyway, I fed the kittens at 11pm last night.

Riley did wake me up at 3am last night but I was way, way, way too tired to get up.

By the time I finally got up at 5am, I rushed up to feed the kittens.

I took their weights before feeding them, just to check. Hmm…not bad at all. It looks like they tend to put on weight at night?

Date Time Kai Akira Indra
11-Feb 6.00pm 118 115 104
12-Feb 6.30am 125 123 114
12-Feb 5.30pm 133 131 123
13-Feb 5.30am 143 137 128
13-Feb 6.00pm 149 146 133
14-Feb 5.00am 160 149 145
14-Feb 5.30pm 166 160 158
15-Feb 6.30am 177 167 167
15-Feb 6.00pm 179 174 174
16-Feb 6.00am 191 187 184
16-Feb 6.00pm 203 193 196
17-Feb 7.00am 211 200 202
17-Feb 6.30pm 213 216 210
18-Feb 6.00am 215 216 213
18-Feb 5.00pm 234 225 222
19-Feb 5.00am 248 236 231
19-Feb 8.00pm 258 245 251
20-Feb 6.30am 272 256 259
20-Feb 5.00pm 274 263 258
21-Feb 5.00am 291 269 276

The vet did say that kittens’ weights will wax and wane. As long as there is no continuous weight loss, it should be okay.

I don’t know if the weighing was accurate, though, as the kittens were moving on the scale.

This Friday, the whole family will go to the vet’s for a check-up and if they are fit enough, the kittens will be dewormed. I’ll be less worried after the vet checks them out.

Please wish me luck in putting Samantha into the carrier.






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