We are on track again…phew!

So now I see a pattern – they grow in spurts even at this age.

24-Feb 6am 346 313 352
24-Feb 6.30pm 353 327 345
25-Feb 7.30am 368 327 351
25-Feb 6.30pm 373 327 350
26-Feb 7am 387 361 366

I wasn’t so worried about Akira despite her not gaining weight for 24 hours. I was worried about Indra. He is still the youngest. And he has that helpless look. Reminds me a little of Bunny….17 years ago.

I’ve been reading up on feeding kittens and the advice is that if they are sleeping in the middle of the night, let them sleep, there is no need to wake them up if they are 2 weeks and above.

What a relief!

But I’ll still monitor their weights, just in case there is still a need for round-the-clock feeding. From the looks of it today, if they do grow in spurts and if Samantha continues to have milk, I think I might not need to do night feeds anymore.

I was thinking of exposing them to some sunshine, but I read that they cannot regulate their body temperature yet, and they still do not see very well, so direct sun might not be good for them at this point. Their room does get some natural light, so perhaps that is good enough for now.

I might use this guide to wean them to raw food: https://www.rawfeedingadviceandsupport.com/weaning-kittens-to-raw

It says weaning to raw can start as early as 3 weeks, but I plan to wait until 4 weeks.

Minnie’s boys (the Monsters) also started at 4 weeks.





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