Weaning kittens to raw food

This reference contains guidelines for kittens with mum and orphaned or hand raised kittens: https://www.rawfeedingadviceandsupport.com/weaning-kittens-to-raw

An excerpt:

Week 3:
Ground tripe or chicken.
Week 4:
Add ground bone and other ground proteins 
Week 5:
Add liver and offal. Add small meat chunks to the ground meat.
Week 6:
Add bigger chunks of meat and small chunks of bone.
Week 7:
Add larger bone pieces working towards whole bone.
Week 8:
Whole bone and medium to large chunks of meat. Start adding different whole bones.
Week 9:
Fully weaned and ready to go.

It certainly sounds very ambitious.

I think I will start with Cubgrub’s chicken for Kai, Akira and Indra.






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