Please come out, Mr Golden Sun!

There’s no sun right now. I wish there were so that Samantha can have a sunbath.

I texted with the vet just now and she says Samantha’s wounds look more extensive today. Pilling was quite the disaster too. The vet asks if I would consider hospitalising Samantha so that she can be monitored by them. I have not decided on this yet because there is also no one to monitor Samantha once the clinic closes and she would be in a strange new place and in a much smaller cage too.

Samantha was out of the cage for a few hours this morning. Now she is inside again because she went in on her own accord when I tried to put the e-collar on her (as advised by the vet).

At least when I released her out of the cage, she ate her food, urinated and defecated. When in the cage, she just went on strike on everything.

I cleaned her wounds with Chlorohexidine just now (she did not even flinch) and applied a layer of Fucidin on them.

I really hope this is a case of “getting worse in order to get better”.

I hope the sun comes out tomorrow morning and we will let her have a sunbath.






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