Ryan and Gerald

Jayden gets to feed Gerald every day, but not Ryan, so Ryan was so thrilled today, to be able to see Gerald eat!

Ryan: Hi, Gerald!!

He pats Gerald ever so gently. Ginger cats are also the sweetest cats, my vet says.

I wish there was a way to tell Gerald to stay put in our porch and not wander around. But as one of our (good) neighbours said in the chatgroup when trying to explain to the cat-complainant, cats like to patrol.

That is correct. Cats love to patrol and we have to let them. It comes so naturally to them.

I remember 13 years 17 years ago, when I first rescued Cow, Bunny and Pole, another friend also told me matter-of-factly that cats should not be kept indoors. It is their natural instinct to roam and they should be allowed to do it. That is true…in a better world, they should.

But this world? Sigh…

I’m fortunate that we are able to provide enough space in our catios for all our cats, but nothing beats having the fun to roam, to explore and have an adventure in the outdoors. I often think of how happy Minnie’s boys would be if they could go out and explore. They have never done that before and why so?

You know why.






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