The Princesses meet their father! (and more good news)

This was this morning’s breakfast.

Then, Gerald came to the window as usual and was mewing, so I opened it and let him in. I’m not so worried about opening the window now since Samantha’s been spayed.

So, Gerald came in and the Princesses surrounded their father!

But Gerald hissed at them…

And was more interested in eating up Riley’s food.

Here’s the thing with Riley – she’s so incredibly clever in all ways EXCEPT eating. It’s quite a challenge feeding Riley. Firstly, she must only eat upstairs and it took me awhile to train her to eat outside her room when Misty was using it as a recovery room. Secondly, Riley is rather choosy and would prefer junk. Thirdly, I think we may have another anorexic eater on our hands. Yes, sigh… Riley eats very, very little.

But the Princesses? Wow, they can really eat (and the should!). The three of them can eat as much as three helpings of an adult’s portion!

Samantha wasn’t at all defensive when Gerald hissed at her kittens. That is rather surprising so it means Samantha knows the biological connection between them.

Here’s Misty, Creamy and Gerald eating at the porch this morning. Misty is no longer a gangster now. It’s quite amazing how the 7-day stay indoors changed her gangster ways. She is quite affectionate now and will come very near to my legs. But of course she will not allow me to catch her. Not yet. Creamy and Gerald – these two, I can catch anytime.

Misty is already more friendly than Samantha who has stayed in our house for 9 weeks now. She still hisses at me. That’s the cattitude of a calico for you!

The big question now is, should I release Samantha and let her be a CNRM-cat as she was supposed to be? I have two concerns: (1) Will Samantha and Misty fight? Samantha did not like Misty previously when both of them were pregnant. They had a huge and ferocious fight. (2) CMPL – one word says it all. He could be like a time-bomb waiting to explode, so an additional CNRM-cat isn’t going to go down well with him.

I’ll have to try it one step at a time. The first step would be to open the doors and let Samantha and the Princesses out to the rest of the house and see how they behave. The problem is, the Princesses are still not vaccinated and I’m not sure if Hiro might be still carrying the flu virus. And will Samantha attack Hiro?

Another option is to ease Samantha and the Princesses into Bunny’s Place after the new Stargate is installed but that would be at least another 2-3 weeks. The problem there now is Rey. Rey is a bully. And we have completely failed to stop Rey from coming over to Bunny’s Place.

I am sure I have confused you thoroughly and I do apologise!! But nothing is simple when it comes to cat politics!!

But I do have a piece of great news – my dear friend has agreed to be Riley, Sam, Kai, Akira, Indra and Hiro’s godmother!!!! So I can adopt all of them and not worry about the future anymore. They have a godmother now!

Cow, Cleo, Indy, Tabs, Ginger, Minnie, Smurfy, Rey, Robin and Lynx already have a godmother.

To both godmothers, if you are reading this – I thank both of you from the bottom of my heart!!





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