How goes the litter box training for the Blondies?

In one word – FAILED!

I took this cute photo during yesterday’s feeding.

“The family that eats together, stays together.”

Oh, I must share how I am feeding Samantha her Doxycline half-tablet daily. It is impossible to open her golden mouth. It is even impossible to touch her.

So, I crush the tablet into powder form with the back of a spoon, and every day, I have to find different pasty foods to mix it into. I’ve used Nutriplus Gel, the Japanese pasty food and currently, I’m using Cindy’s pureed food (baby food). I just need to keep finding new foods to mix it into…for another 7 days, I think.

So, the trick is to have this totally nonchalant attitude about it. Don’t stress it, don’t even ask her to eat it. Just leave it there. Nak? Makan sendiri. So first, I place the laced food and mix it with some regular food. It cannot be too small an amount or she will smell something fishy. It has to be a reasonable amount. Then, as she eats, I keep adding more regular food and mix it around with a spoon so that the laced food, hopefully, will all be eventually eaten. This calls for patience and very importantly, to maintain a nonchalant (not “kan cheong”) attitude.  There is no English equivalent for “kan cheong”, it’s a Cantonese word that means, roughly, “anxious”.

So far, it only failed one day. That’s because I used Nutriplus Gel to forcefeed her earlier on and failed miserably, then I used Nutriplus Gel again in the food. That was a no-go. That was utter stupidity, actually. But other than that, it’s been okay. So far.

Habis, with the Doxy powder…shhh, please don’t tell her.

Now, for the litter box training, it’s been a failure. Two of them are still doing it outside the litter boxes. They seem to like scratching on the tiled floor. Why? I do not know.

A few times, Indra was even waiting behind me. Just waiting for me to take away the litter box so that she could do it on the tiled floor.

I’m now trying this “beach” concept.

Since they like scratching on a smooth surface, I place the litter to one side of the box. I call this “the beach”.

More beaches.

And maybe, just maybe, they prefer an empty litter box? So I’m trying this as well.

If they do, fine. I will save on litter. But I’ll have to monitor and clean more often.

There used to be a litter box here, but it wasn’t popular at all. Today, someone poo-ed and pee-ed outside this litter box, so I decided to remove it totally and block it.

I actually do not have a plan anymore!

My next plan is actually to put them in Bunny’s Place. Don’t want to be civilised enough to use the litter box, never mind, go do it on the grass and soil in Bunny’s Garden. Be “raw” cats, by Mr Jackson Galaxy’s definition. It’s fine with me.

But the issues are:

  1. Will they disturb Cow Mau’s newly-acquired peace and quiet (from Rey)?
  2. Cow will end up spraying everywhere in the room and I’ll break my back cleaning after him.
  3. Can Samantha get along with Cleo, Indy and Cow Mau?
  4. Should I still release Samantha?

The Blondies cannot possibly continue living in a room, right?  I know that’s probably the size of a Hong Kong apartment, but still…

Decisions, decisions….






One response to “How goes the litter box training for the Blondies?”

  1. Agnes

    Try to use newspapers. My cats are used to newspapers.

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