The Blondies’ updates

The night was peaceful and totally quiet, and I was able to sleep until 5.30am without having the wake up in between.

As for breakfast, I have to change the routine now. So as usual, I fed the Porch Cats first. All three came today, including Creamy.

Then, I fed Tabs in the kitchen. Riley had spent the night at Bunny’s Place because she just had to be look after the Blondies. It’s her sworn duty as the Big Sister.

Then, I fed the Monsters. They are so easy to feed. They eat anything, and they will finish everything. You just have to ensure they have enough to eat, and keep topping their bowls until they are full.

Finally, I went in to feed the Blondies. There was a bit of chaos there as Cleo and Cow thought they would be fed first. I’ll have to work out a system there.

Only Kai ate. Akira and Indra were too busy playing. Samantha went on a hunger strike. So I let Kai eat, then went to feed Cleo and Cow. Indy ate some raw liver and I force fed him. Then I went back to the Blondies and force fed Indra and Akira. After the initial force feeding, they both ate from my finger and later, from their bowls, but sitting on my lap. So, all three ate which was good.

Riley, as usual, is anorexic when it comes to eating but she is of a really good size and weight, so I’m not worried about her. I don’t know if she still needs to go upstairs to eat. I would need time to figure out her preferences.

Samantha refused to eat in the morning and I was gone almost all afternoon, so she only finally ate in the evening (hunger strike over?). I knew she wouldn’t be too hungry so I wasn’t unduly worried.

Gerald came in the morning and made Samantha go crazy, wanting to go out to be with him. Sigh…should I release Samantha? But she is only triggered by Gerald. If Gerald doesn’t come, she’s fine and calm.

Kai hounded Indy and got hissed at.

Indra did a playful attack on Cleo on the bed and got snarled at as well.

This evening, everyone ate, including Samantha. I saved this morning’s breakfast (laced with the antibiotics) and served her again. She ate most of it.


The litter box training has turned out better than I expected. Someone is still peeing and pooping behind the door, but otherwise, it’s going pretty well.

The adjustment of Sam and the Blondies to Bunny’s Place is going quite smoothly. Again, better than I had expected. The Super Seniors don’t seemed disturbed by them too.

That’s good!!

On hindsight, I should have done this earlier!!





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