The Monsters’ fight at dawn and a short Mothers’ Day tale

Our Monsters’ fight quite often, but it’s usually war cries and intimidation not amounting to mandatory vet visits.

This morning, they fought again.

First, it was Robin attacking Smurfy.

Then, it was Lynx attacking Smurfy. This is new. I thought Lynx never initiated attacks.

Next, it was Smurfy attacking Indy through the barricaded Stargate.

Then, it was Smurfy attacking Lynx and Robin.

Next, it was again, Smurfy attacking Lynx.

Then, it was Robin giving out his warning pigeon coos.

Did you notice that Rey wasn’t even mentioned? That’s because he was perched up high on the cat tree. Rey wasn’t involved. Perhaps now the mystery is solved – why Rey always went over to Bunny’s Place. Rey’s not a fighter. But when he went over, he bullied the Super Seniors. So….

Lynx and Robin at the platforms, staying away from Smurfy.

I caged Smurfy (just temporarily) to calm him off. He was going on full scale attack on his brothers. As the Second Law of Thermodynamics goes and before Smurfy creates more chaos and “degeneration”, as it seemed to be going in that direction, I had to stop him.

Ginger just watched from his chair.

Why should I get involved? 

Minnie also just watched from the safety of Vincent’s Table.

Why should I have to do anything? It’s Mothers’ Day, isn’t it my day off? 


Happy Mothers’ Day to all mothers!

It’s your day off!! Let those incorrigible kids fight it out themselves. Sit back and enjoy the show!!





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