Shameless humans

It’s been very upsetting learning about the elderly 85 year-old man, Mr Law, who died while protecting his pet dog from the dog catchers in Bentong. The incident happened at 5pm on 24th May 2023 and until now, we still have not seen any statement by the authorities. An elderly man has died, for goodness’ sake. Can we expect some sense of urgency for an explanation here?

Mr Patrick Khoo’s case is still ongoing. He is being charged with obstructing an officer from carrying out his duties but he was only trying to protect his dogs and he was also injured in the scuffle.

JB-boy is let off practically scot-free for setting the poor dog on fire and his lawyer said that JB-boy’s hand was injured in the incident so caning would inflict further injury. But a dog was set on fire, where is your sense of fairplay and justice?
Please read this:

These are just three recent cases. How many more have not been brought to our attention because they are not reported?

Please read this in its entirety:

I’ve spent the last few hours pouring through the few acts and by-laws of our country that concerns animals:

Local Govt Act 1976 (Act 171)
The by-laws of various local councils on matters concerning dogs

Our laws and by-laws are not dog-friendly.

We have spoken up again and again, whether there are any incidents or not, to ask for fairer treatment for our street animals. We have worked very hard to educate the public on the need to neuter street animals and pets. Our neutering aid has been available for almost 14 years now to anyone who looks after street animals responsibly, and it is not going to end because there is always an urgent need to control the street animal population. To wait for the laws to change is waiting for the impossible.

Our country is governed by laws. These laws can only be changed by the law-makers, ie. the politicians. And these are the very politicians whom the citizens have voted into office.

Our laws are not dog-friendly. And yet, when it comes to search-and-rescue, police work, helping the differently-abled, humans shamelessly use dogs and make use of the dog’s innate sense of loyalty and service to serve their selfish purposes.

Oh yes, even medals are given to dogs for their bravery and service (which, honestly, means nothing to the dog and we think it would be so much wiser to give the dogs a lifetime of compassionate care, the most nutritious food and the best veterinary care). Medals and accolades to SAR dogs notwithstanding, and yet our laws and its officers have no qualms about catching the next dog that is roaming outside its house. Or the street dog who was born on the street, survived against all odds and poses no harm to anyone.

Shame on you, humans.

And every time an incident happens, those who are quick to blame non-governmental organisations for not doing enough, please find out the facts before pointing a finger. Everyone has a role to play. NGOs can only do so much. The very fact that we are “non-governmental” means we have no say in enacting or amending the laws. We can only keep appealing for change, which many NGOs have already done and are still doing and honestly….is there any light at the end of the tunnel?

We thought there was…but is there now?

That is why we keep saying this: Neuter, neuter, neuter. Adopt, don’t shop.

Don’t wait for the laws to change. The next dog you see on the road, make friends, catch and get them neutered. We offer aid:






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