What Are the Signs when a Female Dog is in Heat?

Hi everyone.

Its JoTong here.

In this article I would like to share my experiences in identifying the signs when a female dog is ‘in heat’ or “going into heat” which means she is ovulating and can get pregnant.

The below are the most common signs that I noticed and it really helped me a lot in identifying accurately which female dog to target and also let me plan carefully on our catching / trapping dates.

  1. Swollen vulva
  2. Bloody discharge from vulva
  3. Agitated when males come near her
  4. Strange smell emitting from her body
  5. The males (a lot of them) will keep following the female dog who are on heat even though it is feeding time; the males will be more interested in the female than the food!

For those female dogs that I have difficulties in catching, I have no choice but to keep records of their delivery dates and let the female dogs  deliver their puppies before I plan my catching again once the puppies do not depend on their mother-dog for milk anymore. It is not easy as we only have around 4 months to try to catch / trap the mama before she goes into heat again.

I hope my sharing will be able to help our AnimalCare readers, feeders and rescuers in identifying the stray dogs you are feeding.

Equip yourself with the necessary knowledge, learn from others and you will be successful in getting the female dogs spayed. Do not give up trying as your dogs totally depend on you!

Granted, some female dogs are just too clever and evasive, so just do your best. That would be good enough.





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