The residents of Bunny’s Place

Photo shoot day at Bunny’s Place!

Riley was showing Kai how to find remnants of serai leaves among the grass.

Samantha, the Blondies and Cleo in the background.

Super Cow Mau.

The dirty paws will be washed afterwards. He uses his paws to wipe the eye discharge from his eyes. I’m giving daily Beazyme to address the eye discharge and gum pain. It’s papaya enzyme so it is completely safe to use on the long term. Only when needed, I will apply the Neo Deca eyedrop which works very quickly. So far, Cow Mau only has this eye discharge problem, which, thankfully, isn’t a serious condition. It is due to the drainage at his sinuses. When it gets blocked, the eye discharge happens. Cow is also still on his 4-weekly Advocate spot-on to prevent seizures. He has had no seizures for a long time now. Cow is 17+ now.

Indy is still very fussy and choosy over food. So instead of stressing over which food he wants at which time of the day, I resort of handfeeding him (meaning, I put food into his mouth and he eats it himself). But if I were to offer kibble, he will gobble it all up. But at his age, he definitely needs to eat wet food as well, so I resort of handfeeding him raw food. I think he just doesn’t like to pick up wet food with his mouth, for reasons only known to him. But with the regular handfeeding and occasional kibble snack, his weight is good and stable. Indy is 15 years old.

He hasn’t shown any signs of aging, has he? Still looks as fierce as ever. Our warrior cat.

Riley still searching for serai leaves.

The million-dollar unanswered question: Is Riley Samantha’s daughter?

Riley also has a huge eating problem as she is super duper choosy over food. So, just like Indy, I have to resort to handfeeding her as well.

The Blondies

They have been extremely active after being spayed. The vet says now that they have no more sexual urge, they will be even more active in playing and looking for adventure, which they are! No chance of being obese then, which is good!

Queen Cleo, at 16 years 5 months old.

Cleo is on Amlodipine, her high blood medicine, more for prevention as she was only border-line when last tested. She is also on thrice weekly subcut of 200ml and Renal-N for her chronic kidney disease (since September 2019). Cleo has begun eating better ever since the Blondies joined Bunny’s Place.





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