Hello Perky!!!

It was in December 2009 when we had first started (in May that year) that we were gung-ho enough (as with all newbies!) to do pound rescues.

Our first pound rescue was from the Klang pound and Perky was one of our rescues.

Perky has always been special to me because we took all the rescued dogs to Bentong to a safe place, and got them neutered, but after the vet left (from Bentong for Subang), Perky’s stitches broke and she started bleeding. I was terrified and called the vet who was already halfway driving back and he told me just press on it and take Perky back to Subang.

So that’s what I did. I pressed on the stitches all the way back and we reached Subang after dusk. PAWS had already offered us a few places to house the dogs who needed special medical care and Perky was one of them. The rest were Sweetie, Roger, Sean and Wendy. I remember the manager saying he wasn’t sure if Perky would survive the night, and all we could was to hope for the best. The bleeding had stopped, though.

Survive, she did! And that’s how I named her PERKY. I went daily to PAWS to feed and take care of all the five dogs whom we brought back from Bentong.

Perky was eventually adopted by dear Mei Leng. Perky later had tick fever as did all the dogs (it was either tick fever or distemper). She was treated and survived.

And it’s been 14 years now!!

At one time, Perky lived together with Mei Leng’s rabbits too. Mei Leng loves Perky to bits!! They are both so lucky to have each other. We were so lucky that Mei Leng came forward to adopt Perky!

Here’s Perky’s…..!!

This blanket that Perky is sniffing at was sewn by my mother. We were sewing patchwork blankets and e-auctioning them to raise funds. Mei Leng placed a bid for this blanket and won! That’s 10 years ago.

Time flies but sweet memories remain.

Thank you so much, Mei Leng and Perky!!

We still wish for the day where catch-and-kill will stop and ear-notched animals will be spared. But while waiting, we all who love animals must do our part. Even if you can only help one animal (like Perky!), see what a difference you’ll make to that one little precious life!

You don’t have to go for numbers and quantity. Just help whatever you can, within your means. It still makes a world of difference to that precious life whom you saved.






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