An oral drug is available for FIP now

We are probably slow to the party, but we just found out yesterday that an oral drug is now available for FIP cats!

Previously, there was no treatment and FIP was a death sentence for cats. Then, came the injectable GS 441524, initially a controversial drug and had to be purchased through the black market. This was during Mr Zurik’s time and at that time, I was advised against using it, so I took the advice and only gave Mr Zurik palliative care.

Soon after that, the injectable GS 441524 was more readily available in Malaysia and many vets found it a “miracle drug” though still unregulated. But it is already widely used now. We do know that the injections are painful as it is acidic and oil-based.

Well now, there is an oral drug.

Here’s an article that talks about the oral drug:

And is the oral drug available in our country?

YES, it is!

A quick check revealed that some cat parents are already using it with good results, but this is just hearsay.

Please find out more from your vet.

Because of the negative narratives given to GS 441524 in 2018-2019, I was advised not to put Mr Zurik on the drug. Instead, I could only give him palliative and supportive care. Mr Zurik passed away in my arms after a very brave battle, two days after my birthday. I would like to believe that he waited for my birthday to be over, so that I could spend it meaningfully looking after him, before making his exit from our world.

You will forever be in our hearts, Mr Zurik.






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