Indy had formed stools, but…

I was so happy this morning to be greeted by formed stools at Indy’s spot…

See, isn’t this a sight for sore eyes?

It’s well-formed, just a bit soft, but it’s already such an improvement from the oatmeal poop.

So, perhaps it’s what I gave yesterday that worked? Pumpkin (once), Slippery Elm Bark (one capsule) and raw rabbit meals (twice). But I was wary that so far, “everything” I’ve tried only worked once.

Kaolin pectin only worked once. Pumpkin also worked once, but the next day, I could have given too much pumpkin which then caused two blobs of oatmeat poop that even looked yellowish.

Is this pumpkin-slippery-elm-bark-raw-rabbit going to work once only?

In any case, I quickly scooped up the poop as sample for testing at the vet’s today.

But my joy was short-lived, because right after a rabbit meat (breakfast), Indy squatted at the sandpit again, this time, giving me irrefutable clear evidence that the poop is his, and…

It’s oatmeal poop again. And this is right after breakfast too. Sigh…

Short-lived joy but not unexpected. That’s Indy’s style.

I scooped this new poop up into another container to bring along to the vet’s later today. Maybe the fecal examination will reveal more. Maybe there’s a bacteria infection and can be addressed with antibiotics.

Let’s hope we find a solution after the vet examines the poop today.

Hang in there, good ol’ Indy!

We will weather this through, as we always have for the last 15 years!






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